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Artificial Nail Ideas

For women their nails are a sophisticated tool that make their hands look beautiful. If done properly, you can hardly differentiate them from the original finger nails. Artificial nails have varied methodologies, compositions and price rate, according to the development of these beauty enhancing body products. Below we have highlighted some artificial items that can be availed by women for exclusive decoration.

Press-on nails

Pres-on nails are fun and personal favourite of millions of women across the globe. They come in diversified colours, shapes and sizes. They easily settle to the natural ones with high quality gum. They offer fashionable as well as stunning look to your original nails. Easy to apply with cost effective price rates.

Gel nails

To create an item like that, a quantity of liquid gel is mixed well and kept under good ultra violet lamp. This technique cures your natural nails and they can be transformed into desirable styles. In case of non ultra violet rays special activators are used. They almost look like natural ones and don’t have any foul smell or perfume of a nail polish.

Wrap Nails

The ultimate cure for damaged fingernails and similar problems. Usually used to develop an extension and strengthen the tips completely. Thin layers that are made up of tissue, silk, fiber are applied directly, they are perfectly attached by using quality glue. They don’t pose any threat to original nails and are easy to maintain. You can repair them in best way possible.

Acrylic Nails

They are the most sought out items available for women in current cosmetics world. The chemical elements are usually applied to develop a unique appearance, when the original ones become broken and rough. When they dry up, they become elongated, which can further be shaped into any desirable style or length. They are durable and affordable at sufficient price rates. One plus point is you don’t face any difficulty in removing them.

Before diving into all these methods please make sure to take utmost precautions. Not use them to pick and pull things carelessly or avoid using them as scrap. Consult a saloon expert regarding the essential steps in order to maintain. From popular belief it is advisable to properly maintain artificial ones for a period of time of 2-3 months, so that you can avoid infection. Many online shopping sites have introduced this nail decorating category due to growing craze of artificial nails. Hence, you can effortlessly buy these products on various online shopping sites and retain cash money through coupon and offers.